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The North Sea Jazz Festival attracts artists from international acclaim. Misha Mengelberg born June 5, is a jazz pianist and composer. He was the pianist on Eric Dolphy 's last album, Last Date Also featuring on that record was the drummer Han Benninkand together with Piet Noordijk they formed a quartet which had a number of different bassists.

They played at the Newport Jazz Festival in In he co-founded the Instant Composers Poolan organisation which promoted fiatal dzsessz fogyjon garde Dutch jazz performances and recordings, with Han Bennink and Willem Breuker. Mengelberg has played with a large variety of musicians. Han Bennink born April 17, is a jazz drummerpercussionist and multi-instrumentalist.

He subsequently became a central figure in the emerging European free improvisation or free jazz scene. From the late s he played in a trio with saxophonist Peter Brötzmann and Belgian pianist Fred Van Hovewhich became a duo after Van Hove's departure in Through much of the s he played in Clusone 3 also known as the Clusone Trioa trio with saxophonist and clarinetist Michael Moore and cellist Ernst Reijseger.

He has often played duos with Mengelberg and collaborated with him alongside other musicians. As well as playing with these long-standing groups, Bennink has performed and recorded solo such as Tempo Comodo and played with many free fiatal dzsessz fogyjon and free jazz luminaries including Derek BaileyConny BauerDon Cherry and Alexander von Schlippenbachas well as more conventional fiatal dzsessz fogyjon musicians.

Willem Breuker November 4, — July 23, was a jazz bandleader, composer, arranger, saxophonistand bass clarinetist. Since he led the piece Willem Breuker Kollektief, which performed jazz in a theatrical and often unconventional manner, drawing elements from theater and vaudeville.

Pop music in Dutch language[ edit ] Many Dutch artists have become popular by singing songs in their own language.

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In the s it was mainly Boudewijn de Groot - to this day extremely popular. In the s there were many performers, of which Rob de Nijs stood out.

The s were for André Hazes and less Koos Alberts.

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The s were dominated by Marco Borsato. Another notable Dutch band is Tambourine. In addition, there is a great number adam wyatt fogyás bands that compose and perform pop and rock songs in the Dutch language.

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That started in the s with Polle Eduard, Bots and Normaal - which sang in dialect. Late 70s and early 80s there was a big boom of bands that used the Dutch-speaking songs.

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They played rock fiatal dzsessz fogyjon instrumentals when most of the Dutch youth had hardly heard of rock 'n' roll. They stemmed from the Indo community in The Hague and were pivotal fiatal dzsessz fogyjon earning that city the title of Beatstad 'Beat city' in later years.

More progressive music emerged in the s in Amsterdam. In see in musicThe Outsiders were the first Dutch psychedelic rock band to become successful. Fiatal dzsessz fogyjon the late s the post war generation gained political influence. Many state subsidized rock venues opened all over the fiatal dzsessz fogyjon. These clubs, like Amsterdam's Paradiso and Melkwegwere stepping stones for many alternative rock bands on their first European fiatal dzsessz fogyjon and the Dutch crowd xena fogyás well informed about new British and American acts.

The band was founded in and parted in Throughout this time there were several changes in lineup. In the s some artists stood out. Herman Brood became the ultimate Rock 'n Roll icon.

He even scored a hit in the US with Saturday Night.

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He became the epitome of the "rock'n'roll junkie" he sang about. As an artist he was in the media until his suicide in The late 70s and early 80s gave many one hit wonders and some bands that lasted longer.

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Urban Dance Squad was a cross-over band, combining hip-hop with funk and rock. The band's minor American success proved to be influential. Their music style rapcore influenced bands like Rage Against the Machine.

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Fiatal dzsessz fogyjon, the s was also the start of the DJ-era. Hard rock[ edit ] Brothers and founding members of Van Halenlead guitarist Edward Van Halen and drummer Alex Van Halenare from the Netherlandshaving been born in Nijmegen in the mids before eventually moving to the United States in Punk rock[ edit ] Ivy Green was among the first punk bands, originating from Hazerswoude.

Tedje en de Flikkersa group of homosexuals "flikkers" is Dutch for "faggots" from Nijmegenwas one of the most infamous punk formation of the Netherlands. They sprang from fiatal dzsessz fogyjon left wing and gay movements that thrived in Nijmegen during the s and s. Their provocative fiatal dzsessz fogyjon politically more than musically often literally resulted in orgies of sex, drugs and noise.

They existed only for three years — Boerenrock[ edit ] Some bands create a kind of rock music sometimes called "Boerenrock" 'farmers rock'. These bands mix rock and pop music with regional influences, sometimes sung in one of the regional dialects, and lyrics influenced by life in rural areas. At other times, influences from pop music and folk music for instance the case with Rowwen Hèze can be heard.

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Not rarely, these bands display a lot of humorous elements in their repertoire, lyrics and live performances. An example is the repertoire of the WC Experience, which contains cover songs from bands such as QueenGuns N' Roses and Madnessonly the lyrics are replaced by different, rather silly lyrics in their own dialect.

The name "Jovink en de Voederbietels" is a contraction of the names of the two founding band members Hendrik Jan Lovink en Gijs Jolinkand "voederbietel" is a humorous contraction of the Dutch Low Saxon word for sugar beets used as food fiatal dzsessz fogyjon horses and the name of the world-famous British popband The Beatlesof which they used a number of songs in which they replaced the lyrics for Achterhooks fiatal dzsessz fogyjon.

Boerenrock bands tend to perform at local festivities and concerts in big tents in rural areas, rather than in concert halls in bigger cities. An event where a lot of Boerenrock music fiatal dzsessz fogyjon be heard, and a famous event amongst Boerenrock bands and fans, is the annual Zwarte Cross Festival 'Black Motocross'which is organized by members of 'Jovink en de Voederbietels'.

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The event is a mixture of several motocross related activities and a rock festival.

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